Healthy food outlets (percent)
Ohio - Mahoning

Measurement Period: 2009





HP 2020

  • 12.5
  • 56.5
  • 100
Percent of zip codes in county with a healthy food outlet


Number of zip codes with a healthy food outlet, defined as a grocery store or produce stand/farmers’ market


All zip codes

2009 - Dimensions

  • Total

    Comparison of 88 Counties
      Low: 12.5             High: 100

Historical Data

  • Dimension2009
  • DSU - Data statistically unreliable.


  • Healthy food outlets include grocery stores with more than four employees and produce/farmers’ markets, as defined by their North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes. In 2010, the measure was based on the percent of Zip codes in a county with a healthy food outlet, defined as grocery stores with > 4 employees or produce stands/farmers’ markets.


  • McKinnon RA, Reedy J, Morrissette MA, Lytle LA, Yaroch AL. Measures of the food environment: A compilation of the literature, 1990-2007. Am J Prev Med. 2009;36(suppl 1):S124-S133.

Data Source(s)

  • ZIP Business Patterns (ZBP)

    Description Data consist of number of establishments, employment during the week of March 12, first quarter payroll, and annual payroll. No data are provided that would disclose the operations of an individual employer.

    MethodologyZBP is a compilation and publication of data extracted from the Business Register (BR). The BR contains the U.S. Census Bureau's most complete, current, and consistent data for U.S. business establishments. The BR is updated continuously and incorporates data from Census Bureau economic censuses and current business surveys, quarterly and annual Federal income and payroll tax records, and other Departmental and Federal statistics and administrative records programs. The Business Register is a multi-relational database that contains a record for each known establishment that is located in the United States or Puerto Rico and has employees. An establishment is a single physical location where business transactions take place and for which payroll and employment records are kept. Groups of one or more establishments under common ownership or control are firms. A single-unit firm owns or operates only one establishment. A multi-unit firm owns or operates two or more establishments. The treatment of establishments on the Business Register differs according to whether the establishment is part of a single-unit or multi-unit firm.


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